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Railway Tracks

Build a “3D Digital Intelligence”, a place where the processes and culture make it easier to make radical breakthroughs across transportation

Digital Automotive

Railways & Metro

Aerospace & Defence

Shipbuilding & Offshore

Our Journey with Automotive Industry

Product Development & Innovation

Vehicular mobility is undergoing massive shift in technology, process and futuristic commercial models. Auto leaders need the speed and agility to redefine the future and adapt to innovations in electric vehicle, plan for driver less cars. Consumer shifts to new business models of ride-sharing and differentiation based on lesser CO2 emissions and passenger safety,comfort are strong tailwinds for transformation. 

Product Development & Engineering needs to meet customer requirements, mass customization & deliver personalized products and quickly scale plants for Car 4.0 production achieving yield.  

We improve through Digital Twin  their ability to innovate and develop profitable new products, features, and technologies using a range of approaches:

Our Approach 

Cost Reduction - establish design teams to create 3D twins of existing product modules

Product Life cycle Management - design changes and build collaborative environment between product development and manufacturing.  

Optimize Designs for reducing cost and eliminate excessive engineering or redundant features

Digital Factory for CAR 4.0 - advanced 3d layout - designed for quality, efficient and productivity


Aerospace & Defense

Our Engagement Framework

We help future proof platforms and 3D technologies based on our philosophy to help Defense in advanced research and commercial aerospace and components manufactures by adopting a framework for collaboration through technology.

Disruptive innovation in - Drones and their usage in variety of problems provide novel engineering challenges, that need out of box design talent, ability to think problems in 3D and creativity with discipline.


We are always keen to  partner with moonshots ideas &  startup entrepreneurs in rapid testing their ideas and pivot fast to commercial solutions and assist in design to scale. 

What we do

Build 3D design repository from legacy designs

Bespoke design & simulation studies

3D technology adoption, upgrade & migration

Design & Implement 3D collaborative platform

Remote design teams for startups - Idea to MVP

Drone design services

Aerospace & Defence


3D Immersive Technology - Game changer for bottom line

Shipbuilding has the longest product development cycle and a complex design process . Lack of digital space - real engineering visualization for virtual prototyping and collaboration between shipyards and their suppliers have been a significant challenge. 


3D Engineering Twins and  High end simulation can identify design problems can reduce costs and time significantly. Large  scale orchestration, virtual mockup based design reviews and design to manufacturing has been key issues.

Shipbuilding Industry has suffered huge losses often leading to closure , bankruptcy and piling losses - the inability to have robust 3D collaborative data environment that can be replicated in physical scale.. 

Our value solutions

Commercial Ships - 3D Twins for legacy models and components

Collaborative Shipbuilding Design 

Structures & Fluid Systems.

Digital Manufacturing

3D Mock-up of Shipyards and shipbuilding heavy machinery


Future of Railways & Rolling Stock

Shifting Business Realities

Rail operators need an competitive edge in terms of efficiency and quality to win large metro and rail contracts. Creating physical assembly lines and modifications are hurdles that is changing the way industry thinking about flexible and adaptable manufacturing. Digital Twins are becoming an important agenda for enterprises, manufactures and suppliers to radically rethink use of applied engineering design and simulation.

Digital Twin and rapid prototyping, ability to change configurations are per clients specifications specially in urban metro rail, safety and passenger comfort, low maintenance, use of advanced materials, innovative designs in coach design are key design considerations to future proof companies. 

Information chain management through virtual twin is leading to efficient supply chain and high performance. Lean & Six Sigma frameworks applied to applied engineering and advanced analytics based defect reduction would be a game changer. 

Solution Brief

Urban coach design - Passenger Comfort & Safety

Reliability Center maintenance to reduce asset downtime

Rolling Stock Component Design 

Capex Planning & Profitability

Digital Cockpits & Asset Management

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